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Welcome! I am Adriaan Bouman a freelance front-end engineer and web application developer from Holland. Currently working from sunny Barcelona and available for remote freelance projects. Besides working as a freelancer I am the founder and developer of


I have over 12 years of working experience as an engineer and earned a bachelor's degree from the university of The Hague of applied science. I have worked on many different kinds of projects for a variety of clients, ranging from startups and design agencies to (big) corporate and financial institutions.

While having a background and degree in UI/UX design, I always enjoyed and preferred to work as an engineer. I like to build declarative data- and event-driven applications and front-ends; prototypes; MVP's; dynamic dialogs and flows; back-ends; API-endpoints and occasionally games and experimental interactions.


I have always been a full stack developer with a speciality in front-end technologies. The last three years I've been working as a senior front-end architect/engineer in the insurance sector. I was responsible for designing and setting up a large scale data- and event-driven component based architecture. Working in a small agile team we managed to build many different reusable components and applications.
Some other tasks were researching and implementing new patterns and structures; code generation; maintaining a healthy codebase; code reviews and refactoring; educating of new team members.
Some technologies we used: AngularJS, SOAP, XML/JSON, SASS, Bootstrap, PHP, SVN, CodeIgniter, PostgreSQL.

With over 10 years experience in writing PHP I decided to build in Ruby on Rails. Other technologies I use: Heroku platform, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, AngularUI Router, Memcachier, Active Admin, Amazon S3, JSON, SASS, Mandrill, Expedia API, Git(hub), Mapbox/leaflet, Bootstrap, and others.


I am at my best working in small, agile, specialised and dedicated teams. I believe direct and short communication lines and continues deployment are preeminent for the success of teams and projects. I am a curious person by nature and want to know about the 'Why and How' questions. I am interested in people and skills and constantly learning from my peers.

I believe in remote work, international and distributed teams. I have been working from home for years and noticed getting 'in the flow' and being productive is a matter of minutes instead of wasting hours on commuting, socialising and having meetings.


If you have any questions or a nice (remote) freelance or part-time project, please let me know!


"Adriaan is a great person to work with and consist of in depth technical expertise. He’s not only dependable but also thinking with us how to make the final product even better."
— Hei-Yu Tang, Associate Creative Director at IceMobile

Some of the clients and brands I worked for and projects I worked on.

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"Adriaan is a very professional and passionate developer. Besides his flawless coding, he has proven himself to be a person with great creative input. I would do business with Adriaan again anytime."